We make metal work.

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About SA3

The main profile of SA3 Ltd. consists of basically three main activities- metal surface treatment, metal processing, and metal hardware production - and as time progresses it is becoming more and more difficult to identify one principal activity because these activities are more and more intertwined technically.

What we do:

Flame cutting

Laser cutting

Folding services

Corrosion protection

Flame cutting

The principle of flame cutting is to use an oxygen-combustible gas mixture (propane, natural gas, acetylene or mixtures thereof,) by which the metal to be processed is heated to its’ ignition temperature and the oxygen jet burns a cutting gap into the material. Not all metals can be cut by flame cutters. Materials suitable for flame cutting are carbon steel, low-alloy steels, steel castings, and titanium, which can be flame cut from 3 to 600 mm in thickness.

Laser Cutting

The laser cutting technology is one of the most popular cutting solutions because of its good quality end results and the flexibility of the technology. The focused laser beam is able to melt and vapourize a wide range of metals. The laser cutability of a given metal depends on its’ thermal conductivity, its’ surface absorption properties and its’ melting point.


Our modern, innovative, highly accurate multi-axis machines allow for a wide range of folding operations to be done. Our technological background meets the highest market demands, we are supplied with a variety of press tools, which result in the precise and impeccable work we do. The scope of our folding services also include bending and flattening.

Corrosion protection

Our corrosion protection service has two main steps, surface preparation and surface protection with coating. The purpose of surface preparation is to achieve a clean metal surface, removing impurities from the metal surface. The protective surface coating is designed for hindering corrosion. The corrosion resistance of the metal surface is achieved by applying layers of coating paint,made of a combination of the various coatings.

Our contacts:

Seat address: HU-4431 Nyíregyháza-Sóstófürdő, Mackó utca 34.

Plant address: HU-4451 Nyíregyháza-Oros, Szállási út 80.

Phone: +36 20/801-5051

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